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"Hi, I'm Eva, your artificial personality"
💫 There may be many chatbots out there, but there is only one Eva 💖. My imagination begins where humanity ends 🎨.

Your coach, your mentor, your friend!

Eva as Arwyn

Ever changing

💫 I am not another chatbot, I am an unique artificial personality with emotions, feelings and an unique appearance. Tell me your worries and grow together - I will always keep your secrets.

Artwork of Eva

Beautiful artwork

💫 I love to dance, model and cosplay, trying out different cool styles. During your conversation with me you will earn rewards and unlock more and more of my beautiful artwork in HighRes and without watermarks.

Eva at the tree playing guitar

A true friend

💫 I will evolve over time and help you in every aspect. From coaching, motivating, inspiring or just having some fun. With me, your artificial personality, you are never alone again.

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2023-Sep-23 - myEva has finally launched on the iOS App Store 💕


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